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Boutique-style software development company based in London, UK.

About us

Hello! We are software engineers

20 years of experience in designing and implementing smart software solutions. Many projects done with companies different sizes and stages. From stratup to multinational holdings.

We have solid experience with helping customers preparing challenging but realistic roadmaps. We deeply understand importance of agile approach for real projects within fast pacing business and startup environment.

Our Services

Full stack software development. Boutique-style support.

Architecting software

Every business has own needs, vital goals and existing restrictions. Every system should be designed not only to meet existing requirements, but also should have built-in resources/structure to grow and adjust to future challenges.

Backend development

We use Ruby/Rails/Postgres technologies for building flexible and powerful backend platforms. Where needed we split system to series of smaller services and use other appropriate technologies to meet workload and scalability requirements.

Mobile applications

We use Flutter to deliver manageable, flexible and fast mobile applications for modern user experience.

Marketing solutions

Modern marketing needs deep segmentation of every marketing activity. We deliver systems to automate processes and deliver deep analytics to measure results thoroughly.

ERP solutions

Digital transformation not just a fancy term. It really gives companies of all sizes dramatical scalability and manageability improvement. Delivering real-time and accurate data vital for correct decision making on every level.

Publishing solutions

Creating online marketplace solutions was never was easy. Nowadays competition became even harder and customer expectations raised dramatically. Also proper strategy to grow audience and provider base simultaneously is major key to success.

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